About us

AFTV5 is a non-profit and non-partisan video production organization with a social focus.  Aftv5 is committed to the value of community television, delivering alternatives to commercial broadcast television. We aim to provoke thought, create positive impact in our communities, foster change and provide a voice for diversity and expression. 

 Aftv5 seeks to report and to expose the African and African American community experiences and their interaction with the greater community. Through the exposure of the culture, AFTV5 provides a window into its customs

Our Mission:

Create Opportunities and Empower People Through Media

Our Vision is to :

Sweep people up in our story and inspire them by what we are doing so they become followers, consumers, and promoters of our brand. As a full scale production organization,

  • Make a difference in our communities and in our world •

  • Expose the African culture to the greater community and give Africa and African American communities the tools and the opportunities to tell its own stories knowing that each voice and viewpoint matters •   

  • Plan seeds of hope and inspiration to everyone in our communities who will listen. ·  

  • Speak to our community’s values and cultures ·  

  • Focus on the human condition and connect with each viewer’s heart and mind.

Out Goal:

AFTV5 goal is to create quality videos that tell stories and help our communities reflect on their condition as citizens/humans/meaningful souls in order to spur progress in our society. Our production intend to recognize and celebrates the unheard voices that have truly made a difference in their communities and their world, one in which we are all connected. This of course, we feel, is what really matters in the end.

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