AFTV5, a no-profit video production organization provides training workshops, production and various value-added services to its partners, local non-profit organizations and small businesses. AFTV5 promotes community involvement through media and will work with you to help get your message out either by training you to produce your own publicity or by producing affordable value-added projects for you. Learn more about our services and see how AFTV5 can meet your needs. 

Our Services

Open Studio    

AFTV’s Open Studio provides an opportunity to get a creative idea for a show off the ground and running. It is AFTV5 mission to give the community, including no-profit organizations and small business the opportunity to creatively express themselves, and offer help in making those ideas into television programs. Residents with an idea and interest in turning it into a program can work with AFTV5 staff to determine the program's needs. Each idea selected will be developed with the person's guidance produce with AFTV5 resources including staff and other. Ideas that are not selected are open to future Open Studios which are held every month. It is AFTV5's mission to give everyone a chance to showcase their ideas and concerns for the community. If you are a person or and organizations with an idea or question about the Our Open Studio please email us at


AFTV5 will help with production services for its partners and members to give desired local programming a professional look. For more information on these services email us at


AFTV5 produces programs that inform the viewing public for its partners, members and local non-profit organizations. AFTV5 staff work with organizations to develop programs from beginning to end that give the community important information in a concise and professional way. Programs can be produced either in AFTV5 studio or on location in any format (talk show, documentary, interview, etc.).

Public Service Announcements

Public service announcements are short informational programs (30 seconds to 1 minute) that explain the services, events or information that organizations would like the public to know about. AFTV5 helps these organizations develop a script, shoot and edit the PSA. The result is a professional looking piece that will inform viewers and invite them to contact the organization for more information.

Training And Workshops

AFTV5 offers a variety of training and workshops including free monthly Orientations to get members of the community on their way to working on their own shows and exploring the latest electronic communications applications. Workshops are taught by staff and other professionals in the television and technology industries emailing us at if you need additional forma.

Value-added Services

AFTV5’s mission is to provide the means and training for the public to produce non-commercial programs or P.S.A.s but we realize that not everyone has the time or the staff to take advantage of these resources in the same way. Value-Added Services fill this gap by providing a service to the non-profit community at a reasonable rate for the production of a project. The cost is calculated at an hourly rate for staff time and use of the facility. This is an alternative for non-profit organizations that have money in their budget for publicity or outreach or are willing to write a grant that covers the cost of renting the studio and hiring the station to produce a particular program for them.

These services are by request and are worked into the calendar year around other priorities. The summer is generally the most available time for project production. We accept proposals at any time of the year, so begin the process by emailing us at