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AFTV5 provides community  members with opportunities to "Make TV that matters!" As a non-profit organization, AFTV5 relies on the help of skilled volunteers to produce local programming. To participate as a volunteer for open positions on various production projects. There are open volunteer crew positions available. Current open positions include:

Video Editor


Camera Man

Proposal Writer

Script Writer

Please email if you are interested in any of these crew & equipment positions

Orientation & Certification

AFTV5 provides orientations and basic certifications to volunteer producers. Orientations and Certifications may be rescheduled if less than 5 attendees have submitted an RSVP. Notice of cancellation will be posted on our main page at least one week prior to the event date.

Click here to view the Workshops page for dates and times.

AFTV5 provides orientations and basic certifications to volunteer producers. The orientations are scheduled every month on Saturday mornings. Each class will introduce participants to AFTV5, our guidelines and procedures, as well as basic equipment operation. After completing an orientation, participants are certified to use our equipment and commence work on their productions. The orientations are free & open to the public.

An AFTV5 member can receive basic certification in Field Production and Editing. Basic Field Production Certifications are scheduled every month after the orientation. Once certified with an active membership status, the Producer can reserve and use AFTV5 ‘s studio, cameras and staff to produce local television programming about its interests.

AFTV5 members will be instructed on how to use field cameras, lights and microphones to put together basic programming. Each member will be trained and receive hands-on training and experience with proper camera set up and framing technique as well as basic audio and lighting principals and operations.

Basic Editing Certification

Basic Editing Certification - Learn how to take your footage and edit it together to create a story or package an event. Introduction to Final Cut Pro, members will learn the benefits of using hard drives and how to set and manage files for editing. They will also receive hands-on experience with editing their own footage in the Timeline sequence and using basic text graphics. Members must make a reservation to train for up to 3 editing sessions with AFTV5 Volunteer & Educational Coordinator.
To RSVP, fill out our Request for Services Form. Select Training, and let us know that you are interested in the upcoming Orientation and Basic Certification.

If you would like more information, please email us at

Producers' Forums

Producers' Forums are quarterly meetings held by the AFTV5 for its community producers. These forums provide producers with the opportunity to network with each other, discuss their upcoming projects and address any AFTV5 related concerns.

Producers can also screen their programs to their peers and receive comments and constructive criticism. Additionally, AFTV5’s staff informs the producers about updates in AFTV5 policy, upcoming events, projects and opportunities, and areas of AFTV5 development. Producers' Forums are great opportunities for AFTV5 producers to become a part of the local television community and to network for crew and talent for upcoming projects.